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VK, Songwriter

Raine’s workshop was a perfect blend of information and explanation. Her ideas were actionable and applicable immediately, and she fostered a comfortable environment in which everyone felt willing to share their own struggles with the group. Her knowledgable and nurturing demeanor was infectious, making all present sorry to see it end!


Sara, Esthetician

Raine’s “Re-writing Your Story” workshop was so powerful and helped me break out of my “stuck” mentality. This workshop has been one of the best I’ve attended thus far and I highly recommend it to anyone!


Olivia, Student

Raine’s workshop was so inspiring and life-changing. I have been able to change so many of the ways I perceive myself through the phenomenal advice Raine shared. Her transparency and openness caused a ripple effect and made everyone feel comfortable being vulnerable with each other. I highly recommend attending any of these types of sessions with Raine. She has a gift of helping others discover their best selves!


Sabrina, Musician

Raine is so well spoken and provided a wonderfully crafted and touching session. It brought all of the emotions out of me! Her work with the community is necessary and helpful. Raine is a badass and so inspiring!

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